CIAC  is an AEROCIVIL-approved Aeronautical  Maintenance Workshop with a CDF-010 certification in Colombia and FAA Certified Repair Station  O32Y396C. 

CIAC provides maintenance, preventing maintenance, online maintenance and Class I and Class II modifications for aircraft of less than 5700  kg (or more, if HP (Colombian)-registered). 

The FAA certifications enables us to offer line maintenance services and maintenance of all A-type services and multiples as an FAA-approved  Repair Station for N-registered A 320 aircraft.. 

Aeronautical line maintenance services, major overhauls, repairs and structural modifications  and electrical and electronic work is in the hands of our highly-training, specialist and experienced personnel to  maintain or improve the airworthiness of customer aircraft.


CIAC also provide line maintenance, preventive maintenance and repairs/modifications for military aircraft. 

PDM C-130 Hércules 

Major Scheduled Overhauls are basic to the maintenance of the structural integrity of aircraft and to extend then useful life of Colombia´s Hercules C-130s, requiring major structural stresses  during operations in all kinds of airports on personnel or cargo missions. 

The Hercules C-130 need a major overhaul after six years in service, and this involves: 

Taking down the entire structure, because of the high levels of structural stress experienced  in all kinds of airport or mission. This operation includes the wings, vertical and horizontal stabilizers, engines and landing gear, leaving simply the fuselage. 

Major integrity inspection: removal of all, the elements mentioned above, fitting of new services, repair of hydraulic lines, maintenance and sealing of tanks, reverse engineering  and manufacture of fittings, installation of new planes. 

Cabin modernization. Replacement of all analog equipment with liquid crystal EFIS screens, modernization of communications and navigation equipment, to reduce faults rates with high-reliability systems.

Inspection  of functional hydraulic pneumatic and electrical radio and navigation systems to ensure that they all work correctly.. 

Compliance with  bulletins. CIAC has installations,  workbenches specialist equipment and qualified, certified and highly experienced personnel to deliver manufacturers´ maintenance programs, SD, AD, TCTO, etc. 

NDT Inspections: Visual and ND tests on critical components of aircraft structures and manufacturer´s recommended TCTO inspections..

These activities, including non-routine and  unscheduled work, take 7 months. Agai98n, CIAC has the workbenches specialist equipment and qualified, certified and highly experienced personnel available. 

MRO Aircraft C-295 and CN-235

CIAC has Airbus Defence & Space certification as an MRO Service Center with capacity to  provide major overhauls for C-295 and CN-235. 

Here, the work consists of an inspection and structural repairs of equipment and systems and assembly and disassembly of equipment, amongst other things. 

Structural repair of UH-60 Helicopters

CIAC has the capacity to make structural repairs (other than primary struts) for Black Hawk UH-60. 

CIAC has the tailcone jigs and fuselage seating required for the major overhaul of this aircraft, that are affected by high levels of structural fatigue.